Friday, March 2, 2012

STEP SUMMER 2012 is COMING!!! Are you in?

HOLA, STEP amigos!!!!!! Last summer we all helped towards the creation of world peace. Many of you, open your hearts and home to lovely teenagers from Bilbao, Spain.  We learned about their culture, made new friends and had so much fun. We have 25 teenagers ready to come to the Capital District from June 29th to July 25. 26 days packed with activities such as
  July 1-Welcome Party
  July5-Howe Caverns
  July 10 Niagara Falls
  July 12 Six Flags-Lake George
  July 17-Boston 
  July 19 NY Buzz Pro Tennis Match
  July 22 Farewell Party
  July 24 NYC Overnight
  July 25 NYC/Departure to Spain
Many of you have already expressed interest in hosting this summer. I need to hear from you in terms of the gender and age of the Spanish teen you would welcome into your home and family in July.  Reminder: There will only be 25 students to choose from and we will do matches on a first come first served basis. SO, come on, let me hear from you soon.  Peace, Maria S. Pacheco